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If it’s your first time bringing in diamond drilling contractors to assist with a development or infrastructural works in the Basingstoke area, it pays to know the value you’re getting from this service, especially when compared with traditional percussive drilling techniques. And that’s what this page is about.

So read on to learn about some of the situations we can assist with, and don’t hesitate to contact us on 0125 6475 031 or 07894 855 042 should you wish to discuss a project or ask a question regarding any of the services listed across our wider website.

When to Call in Diamond Drilling Contractors

You Need Perfect, Accurate Work – With some projects, accuracy and perfection simply aren’t needed – it’s overkill, and rough and ready work with a standard DIY drill will do the job. But in other situations, to not pursue perfection endangers the project and can lead to major setbacks. When you choose to call in diamond drilling contractors – like ours, who cover Basingstoke and its surrounds – you know that their professional grade, specialist equipment and experience will make for a a smooth and accurate hole to depths between 12mm and 550mm. What’s more, the power that diamond drilling offers means you can cut neatly through concrete, stone, metal and other tough customers!

You Want to Minimise Mess – Your standard drilling practices can make for a huge amount of dust and debris being kicked up; not so with diamond drilling. The precise nature of the techniques we employ keep waste products to a minimum, which makes it ideal for settings around Basingstoke where this is an important factor. Example projects where this is a benefit which we’ve taken on in the past include work on historic buildings, work where time is of the essence and clean-up would simply add to the time to completion, and jobs where dust and debris could easily impact the environment or surrounding buildings and occupants.

You Need a Wide or Deep Hole – The standard drill bit size is 152mm or 162mm, meaning that if you’re looking to drill a large hole as part of infrastructural works you’re managing in Basingstoke or wider Hampshire, you’re out of luck. Bringing in diamond drilling contractors gives you the opportunity to drill much larger holes – as wide as 550mm. We can also go much deeper than standard bits, using either electrical or hydraulic powered rigs that allow for serious extension.

You Need to Minimise Disruption – Similar to the way in which diamond drilling minimises mess, it can also minimise disruption due to the speed and precision in which work is carried out. It’s ideal for work in tight or sensitive environments, and allows our Basingstoke clients to quickly get back to business as usual, or to progress onto the next stage of vital infrastructural work.

Convinced our diamond drilling contractors can assist you in your next project, whether in Basingstoke or elsewhere in Hampshire? Call Fenndrill Ltd on 0125 6475 031 or 07894 855042