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Over the nearly 40 years that we’ve served as the Kingston area’s trusted concrete drilling contractors, we’ve often received the question: “is that real diamond?” or “diamond?! for drilling?!” Many can’t believe that a stone that is seen as the epitome of luxury, and is synonymous with wealth, is being used for this purpose. That’s why in this article, we’ve explained exactly why diamond drilling is a thing, to dispel any disbelief or myths surrounding it…



Why Diamond Drilling


The short answer is that diamonds, being the toughest material you can find in nature, is perfectly structured to deal with extremely tough surfaces like concrete. Therefore concrete diamond drilling can make short work of even the most challenging jobs we’ll encounter around Kingston and its surrounds. Another fantastic quality is that diamond is hollow. Why’s this important? Because it allows our concrete drilling contractors to pump water through the bit to reduce the amount of dust generated (important in enclosed spaces, as dust can be a safety hazard when inhaled and also reduce visibility).


The water also helps cool the bit, which can get very hot during diamond drilling. But, this brings us to another important quality that this form of concrete drilling has over competing methods – diamonds will not melt! Even the massive amounts of heat generated during the process won’t get near the whopping 3,550 degrees required to melt diamond. Add the insolubility and extreme durability of diamonds, even the most sceptical Kingston client can surely see why we swear by it!


To incorporate diamonds within the drill, a layer is encrusted alongside the metal found at the front of the bit. So as it spins, the diamonds press against the surface and get to work. If you have any more questions regarding concrete diamond drilling, or wish to book in a visit around Kingston from our friendly and professional team of concrete drilling contractors, don’t hesitate to get in touch at your earliest convenience.

Dial 01256 475031 or 07894 855042 today! You’ll be hard pressed to find a concrete diamond drilling specialist with as much experience as us, in or around the Kingston area.

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