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In our position as time-served drilling contractors in Surrey, Fenndrill Ltd has a well-earned reputation for producing results of outstanding quality. When it comes to any form of concrete drilling or sawing, our four decades of experience and expertise simply can’t be beaten. With an NPTC and NVQ level 2 qualified team, our Surrey clients have peace of mind that concrete diamond drilling and sawing work is in the safest of hands.


For the convenience of construction and civil engineering companies who might be new to the world of concrete diamond drilling and sawing, we’ve outlined what our core services consist of below.


1. Diamond Drilling

When it comes to the creations of measured, inch-perfect holes and spaces in tough or reinforced masonry, concrete diamond drilling remains the construction industry’s most effective tool.


Whether a structure consists of marble, asphalt or concrete, the diamond drilling equipment utilised by our drilling contractors at sites across the Surrey area can reach widths of 10mm to 1,000mm and depths of 10 metres.


With machinery that doesn’t produce dust nor vibrate, our concrete diamond drilling always produces clean, crisp results that never fail to impress.


2. Concrete Sawing & Cutting

As drilling contractors, we undertake concrete drilling and sawing projects in car parks, and on bridges, pavements, roads and runways. As long as the surface is flat, we can create horizontal cuts through materials such as asphalt and concrete. This process allows us to create large openings within Surrey-based structures or to aid in demolition services.


With the use of track saws, we can cut to a depth of 500mm, as seen in work we’ve completed in motorway projects, on construction sites and in the creation of ramps for garages and loading bays for retail outlets.


3. Floor Sawing & Cutting

Working in conjunction with concrete drilling solutions, floor sawing and cutting provides clients in Surrey with straight, precise incisions into hardwearing materials to a depth of 500mm.


Whether for access work, repairs, structural alterations or demolition services, the floor sawing solutions we provide, along with any accompanying concrete diamond drilling, offer outstanding results with minimal risk of cracking or damage to the surrounding structure.


When the job is complete, reinstatement work is usually minimal, sometimes even zero.


4. Wall Sawing & Cutting

The wall sawing and cutting solutions offered by our drilling contractors provide clients in Surrey with a cost-effective, time-efficient service. Usually utilised to create space for the installation of doors and windows, or to simply make an open passageway, the spaces we make don’t need to be fixed.


This allows our Surrey clients to arrange for their own contractors to fit any necessary windows and doors on the same day as our concrete drilling and sawing. Not only does this minimise disruption to the business, it also helps alleviate security concerns.

For more information regarding the solutions we provide as drilling contractors, including concrete drilling, in Surrey, call 01256 475 031 or 07894 855 042.

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