Concrete Drilling in Hampshire | The Advantages of Diamond Drilling

As time-served drilling contractors with a proven track record spanning decades, Fenndrill Ltd has seen first-hand, time and time again, the benefits that diamond drilling brings to the construction industry. From the precision and accuracy of its results to the ease with which marble, asphalt and concrete diamond drilling works on even the toughest materials, our team continues to produce results in Hampshire that never fail to impress.


For prospective clients who may not be aware of the advantages that our diamond concrete drilling can bring them, we’ve listed some of the more common below.


  1. Diamond drilling works on any material. From asphalt to concrete, diamond drilling makes light work of even the toughest materials without compromising on accuracy and precision.
  2. Concrete drilling generates minimal dust and noise. Not only does this give our team a short clean-up on sites in Hampshire, it also brings as little disruption to our clients’ neighbours as possible.
  3. Concrete diamond drilling is a swift, efficient process. As experienced drilling contractors in Hampshire, we have mastered the already fast process of concrete drilling with diamond drills and saws. Our clients are guaranteed an impressive turnaround time.
  4. Diamond drilling can be undertaken in any environment. Whether the Hampshire site is inside or outside, or even in a confined space, Fenndrill Ltd has the machinery to produce results regardless.
  5. Concrete diamond drilling produces accurate results. We use the latest precision machinery, so our Hampshire-based drilling contractors can offer concrete drilling and wall or floor sawing to exact measurements.
  6. Diamond drilling offers a range of widths and depths. Using our state-of-the-art machinery powered by Hilti DD350 motors, we can drill to widths of 10mm to 1,000mm and to depths of 10 metres.
  7. Concrete Diamond offers minimal downtime for businesses. Owing to the speed of our work, our Hampshire clients can have work carried out by their contractors on the same day as our services, reducing any impact on their business.
  8. Diamond drilling machinery doesn’t vibrate. Not only does this allow for a smoother operational experience, it also reduces the likelihood of cracks and damage to the surrounding structure.


As drilling contractors, Fenndrill Ltd provides a complete service package for clients across the Hampshire area. From concrete diamond drilling to concrete sawing and cutting, our expertise and experience offer a smooth process completed on time and within budget.


We have been in business for more than 36 years, and our Hampshire-based personnel hold NVQ level 2 and CSCS accreditation. Put simply, when it comes to marble, asphalt and concrete drilling, we meet the requirements of even the most demanding of projects.

For more information on the services we provide as drilling contractors, including diamond drilling, in Hampshire, call 01256 475 031 or 07894 855 042.

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