Easily Tackle Projects With Our Diamond Drilling Contractors in Reading | Fenndrill Ltd

If you haven’t done any research, the advantages that diamond drilling can offer over percussive drilling methods and similar alternatives might not be immediately apparent. For that reason, on this page the diamond drilling contractors at Reading’s Fenndrill Ltd have run over some of the benefits that you will enjoy by choosing us over alternative means of drilling.

What Diamond Drilling Offers…

A Versatile Technique – One of the most appealing benefits of diamond drilling over alternative methods is its versatility. Diamond is the hardest substance known to man, and as such can diamond drill bits can quickly get through through almost any material – from stone to reinforced glass and concrete. The bit can also be swapped out so you get a hole that is precision perfect in terms of size. Reading clients in need of a tiny 10mm hole, or a 1500mm hole for more heavy duty infrastructural works, are equally in luck when they call in our diamond drilling contractors.

The Equipment is Lightweight – It is also of a size that allows it to be set-up in all sorts of places, even if it is an awkward area of a Reading site or a location that presents difficult conditions or hazards. In our initial site survey, these conditions/hazards will be worked through by our trained diamond drilling contractors, so that we can draw up operational procedures that safeguard our workers and all those on site, adhering to all relevant British Standards. Did you know that diamond drilling is also the preferred method when working underwater?

Absolute Precision – The precision that we mention also means you avoid cracks and chips, which are common problems when employing percussive drilling techniques. Bringing in our Reading based diamond drilling contractors will mean you avoid internal structural damage due to the minimum level of vibration that occurs when working with a pneumatically powered diamond drill bit.

Safeguard the Environment – The water-based cooling systems we use to keep diamond drilling equipment protected during an operation also reduces the amount of dust created to a minimum. This is to be contrasted with the high levels of dust and debris created by percussive drilling methods. If you want to keep your environment clean and controlled, minimise pollution and also significantly reduce noise (percussive drilling can be extremely loud), then you’ll want diamond drilling contractors for your project in Reading or else where in our areas of coverage.

For more information about diamond drilling practices, or to get a free quote from our contractors, clients in Reading and its surrounds are encouraged to call 0125 6475031 or 07894 855042.